Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Bear and MORE

MattyD from the City Bikes Team has slotted me in as his fourth for 24hrs of Big Bear. I haven't raced a 24 since before I was married. It was the 1999 24hrs of Canaan, the last year of Canaan. It was dry and fast and fun. It usually rains so I'll prepare for that. Usually, the worse the conditions, the better I do. With a 12 mile lap, it's just the right size for doubling-up on laps for me as well. We'll see how the strategy plays out in the coming days.

I've been teaching mtn bike-related classes for MORE members the last couple of months. We started with the building of the Sworks Carbon bike for me and we spent the last session on bike setup, I think. It's been a few weeks. I've been busy and Susan had a conference so it's been hard to schedule something. We are back on for this Thursday so Punga can get a wheel built and we can go over all of the wrong ways to build a wheel. It will probably be longer than my 1/2hr wheel builds...

Bike setup has been a huge thing for me. Whenever I build a new bike (for myself or whoever) I always go over a lot of ergonomic issues in terms of control setup, saddle choice, travel front/rear, shock/fork pressure and bar choice. I think it makes a big difference when you are on the bike, especially if you are trying to be competitive. Competitive for me just means that you want to go as fast as you can with the lungs and legs you have. I don't work with very many pros (only a few) so my experience is with people who just love to ride. It's the best bunch of people to work with, if you ask me. It's helped to keep me in this industry for a long time...

I've been getting great support and feedback from the guys (yes, it's been guys) who have been showing up. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from sharing stuff that has made me a better, more comfortable rider. I like to be reminded that I haven't wasted 14 yrs in the bike business.

Here's the new CB sticker. It's a bit stretched north to south, but you get the point. They are about 6" across and have a special anti-UV thing added so they won't fade, same as the one on the right. The small one has been on the car for a few years and it's still looking new. That's on the fairing for the roof rack, if you can't tell, so it gets some abuse in the wind and bugs.

And finally, while the boy was downstairs playing with Emma, he found something by the washing machine. Here's a caption for ya: 'I will crush you with my giant hands!' Enjoy. How about one from the Pee-Wee Herman Show: 'There's something I've wanted to do with these for a long time.'


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