Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time to Give Back: This Means YOU!

From everyone's buddy, Scud... I only wish I had more to give. Good on ya, Scud! (He's the one in the middle).

Ok sorry to be a pain to your email but I have really gotten serious with this. I have raised over $1000 so far and now have my sights on at least $2500. I am going to ride at least 200 miles and shoot for 240 (10 miles an hour average). I have also kicked in $100 as well. Right now I am 6th overall fundraiser out of 100s that have signed up. I would love to get the Booty Cup for the most raised. I have specifically sent a 2nd or some cases a 3rd email to you because a. I think you want to help me and this is the friendly reminder you wanted or b. any amount $10, $20,$50, $100 or $250 would be appreciated. Lance and his Foundation are doing great things. They really helped me when I found out about my tumor that ended up being benign. I also have been reading all about what Margaret and I can do to make sure her cancer stays in remission or better yet gone forever. The foundation has really turned up the heat to get more funding for Cancer research. Help me help them!! Please help me out. If you do not want to be bothered, you will not hurt my feelings but please reply to this email and say no thanks. That way I will not continue to remind you. I have until Aug 18th to secure the Booty Cup. Help me and Lance out please!! Also if you know of anyone that would want to donate please forward this email to them.
Scud Here is the link to donate:


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