Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Severn Run Stuff

As y'all may or may not know, I'm working on a trails project with DNR and MORE at Severn Run Natural Environment Area. So now you know if you didn't.

Severn Run (Google it) is about 1800 acres of underused land right in the middle of Anne Arundel County. MORE and DNR have agreed that data of the current trails is needed in order to have a feasibility discussion for more multi-use trails. Of course, I have a LARGE personal interest in the improvement of this area because I work across the street and live just 8 miles away.

Can you say 'lunchtime laps?' I will be soon!

The whole point of this project is to figure out what is out there as DNR doesn't have resources to get in there and figure that out. They are busy. Check some of this out. I like our Gov and he's going in the right direction.

Ok, so we're having some local meetings about the project and how you (yes, YOU!) can get involved.

We'll be getting in there to hike around and find trails and classify them as 'good,' 'needs work,' 'gotta go' and 'proposed trail.'

After DNR checks out what we put together (late Winter, early Spring), we should be able to surmise how feasible the area would be for new trails. Based on the time I've spent out there, I'm very hopeful. The pics on this page are of the area. There's no map of the area around that I can find. I've got a local engineer guy helping out and we have the county GIS data so we should have a working map up and running in Google Earth in the coming days.

This Thursday, Dec 11, we are having our first meeting about this project at Bike Dr in Linthicum. Show up around 7pm. Yes, beer and pizza. I'm trying not to waste anybody's time and we'll have a LARGE copy of the map to look at.

NEXT Thursday, Dec 18, we are having a meeting at Family Bikes in Crofton. 7pm, beer and pizza.

RSVP for either event please (so we don't run out of food/beer) to me or to Jeff or Jonathan.

Here's hoping to see you out there!

Just a picture recap here... These are pics of Severn Run near Najoles Rd and Dicus Mill Rd. There are trails out there and there are hikers out there (although not last Friday).

If you want to, you can park at the little gate at the bottom of Dicus Mill Rd right near the bridge over Severn Run. They kinda loop around themselves so a GPS would help the first time out. There's no map so GPS might be a good idea.

You can see how rutted some of the trails are. A lot of them are on steep ground and have been either cut or just bedded in about 1 foot, or even a bit more.

The first pic is most likely a future drop (TTF) near the top of the trail system.

Big thanks to Mike and Gretta for coming out to hike with us. There is private property near where we were and I have seen hunters out there all week so that's why we were wearing blaze orange and some hi-viz safety vests I had at work...


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't say anything about the waterway which runs through Severn Run - is it suitable for kayaking? Still water variety?

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Dave Heise said...

I hike in Severn Run regularly, but the trails are not well kept up. In fact, some are almost impassable, especially along the run. It would be nice if they set up a schedule for maintainance on the existing trails before planning new ones. If they can do this then I am all for more trails. Also, there is need of an accurate map of what is & isn't park property.

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Dicus Mill and Najoles is closes, so they can do bridge work, so where are there other entrances/parking spot to get into Severn Run...Thanks for your help. I gop there for birding...Will

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Is anyone still going in there? I go in quite regularly, and have taken out trash and have seen places where someone has been playing with a chainsaw (They also don't know how to do a felling notch cut.)


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