Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting dirty

Another trail work day at Patapsco. The crew had some other volunteers do a lot of the legwork for a new section of trail on the west side of the swinging bridge. We rolled in there with Joe, Shawn and friends, chainsaw in tow, and finished it off. There's a steep falling left-hand turn with a solid 3 foot berm. We put in the rolling grade dip at the bottom to keep the water off. We'll see how it goes. It's not one of the more well-used trails out there and it's generally downhill only so who knows how it will hold up. We all did our level best. Check out MORE for dates, times, pictures, etc. of local riders giving back to the trails.

I did a quick loop on the Sworks 120 up cascade and then down the section, including the sketchy roots, in the 'ol Carharts, pantlegs rolled up. Classic. Bike rides nice, the leaves are deep and it was a 60 degree November day in Baltimore. What else is there? And don't let anyone tell you that Shit brown isn't the BEST color for a bike...

Rolled back to the house, grabbed the family plus one and hit Annapolis for a quick rolling bite and cruised the town and fed the ducks. It was a Sunday after all.

Tomorrow, Rich from IMBA will be around to look at a piece of land with me and lay out some trails. We'll be mapping out a few miles of trail and flagging the route. The boy will be alond for the ride. It's supposed to rain so that should be fun. There should be some TTFs (technical trail features) going in. We'll let the county know. Mike from Racer's Edge has agreed to come down and do the construction if we need it (and we will).



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