Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Go Time

This weekend is the CSC Invitational in VA, just outside DC. Also, for us dirtheads, it's the Massanutten HooHa! It's another race I've never done in the area (Harrisonburg) so I'll check it out. It's a 20 mile single-lap race with a 38 mile xxc option, starting an hour earlier. With my lack of riding recently, I think the 20 miler is my style. Plus it starts an hour later and it looks like I'll be driving down that morning.

It looks like a bunch of us will be racing down there while others are braving the pavement and racing at CSC. I still don't know about that road racing stuff. Crashing into trees is more appealing, I'm not sure why...

24hrs of Big Bear is just 10 days away and then Father's Day weekend (riding?) then the City Bikes Capital Cup at Whitetail. Busy month. If you aren't ready for July's Wilderness 101, it's crunch time. Time to rock and roll. And ride.


At 8:36 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

darn Blogger Spammers!

in the end it looks like you did beat me at Big Bear
at a glance without a pencil with a fresh eraser in hand I have done a quick calculation

your average looks faster than my average

I got a flat ruining my would be fastest lap time
somehow I managed to get in another 17 at another point in time

late to get the exchange
it is all part of 24 hour racing

great race
looking forward to your report
as well as future races and rides together!

rock on!!!


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