Monday, November 06, 2006

New Clothes, Bdays, Halloween, Weeds...

Warning: Commercial

City Bikes just received some clothing from the UK company Endura. People have asked me about them before and we met with them out in Vegas. They make some super-cool fusion stuff.

I think about cycling in terms of a few different areas of product. Endura brings together high-performance and utilitarian ethics together. They make cotton-like-nylon knickers as well as traditional nylon knickers with a snap-in liner (6 or 10 panel) that works in all of their shorts. They have some rad wool jerseys as well. We've got it in both shops so check it out.

The top short is the MT500 and the bottom is the Zyme 3/4. It feels like cotton but it's nylon. The jersey is the woolie Halcyon which comes in short sleeve and long sleeve.

Their jackets and overtrousers are rad as well. All waterproof, seam-sealed and taped for great prices. They have some motorcycle-esque stuff that is overbuilt and messenger-worthy and some fitted lighter-weight jackets. It will be great for our market. The stuff looks and feels great. Check it out.

Emma is now 5 years old. Ho Lee Sheet. I can't believe it. Irma said 'You're old because you have a five-year-old.' Thanks Irms. Jeremy and Emma celebrated their birthdays on Saturday with our family. We all had a great time. It looked like Christmas in here.

Here are the boys, having some fun with a cupcake. Jonas grabbed Jeremy and it was pretty funny watching Jonas show Jeremy how to eat the frosting off of the bottom of the candles.

Emma and Lindsay took over the head of the table. They had a few cupcakes to deal with as well. No cutting, no silverware, just cupcakes and a face.

Susan and I made a few batches of chili for the event. Not great for the kids, but all of the adults seemed to like it.

For Halloween, we stayed home and rocked out around the local 'hood. The kids got a lot of candy for daddy and I have been religiously putting a few pieces back each night. Lots of KitKats this year. Anybody else get that?

Emma went as Cinderella and Jrock went as Buzz Lightyear and proceeded to yell it out every time that anyone mentioned it to him. Two is rad. He had a great time. Some knucklehead around the corner had his son (who I swear is 'special') run out of the house in costume with a chainsaw sans blade and scare everyone. Of course, at age 2, Jeremy freaked out and had to be carried for 2 blocks. Emma laughed. He rolled up to Susan and got right in her face and stepped on her toe. She said 'Uh, you are stepping on my toe and it really hurts' so he got in my face. I wanted to knock his ass out. This is why Susan won't let me have a BB gun because I would have just sat in the woods across the street and shot at that asshole every time he poked his goofy head out of the house. Maybe next year. What a jackass.

Oh, I forgot. The previous weekend, we went up to PA for Jim's 50th birthday party. As a sign of his appreciation for irony, Jim dressed up as an old man. I brought a flask and a monkey mask. Susan did the witch thing. I leave the ironic comments up to those who DON'T live with her. Here we are, on the other side of sober... Yes I am wearing a mask. Yes I know it's hard to tell. It was the best Bush impression that I could do...

We saw Borat on Friday night. Sasha Baren Cohen is amazing. There is a clip from the movie on the homepage so check it out. You can download Da Ali G Show to see the origin of the Borat character. Funny stuff, to be sure. The movie was just amazing. It really makes America look scary but that's an underlying, subversive theme. You should see it for sure. Everybody seems to love it. This movie will make you laugh your ass off. It will also make you more uncomfortable than you can imagine. I'm talking falling-on-broken-glass uncomfortable. I mean sleeping-on-the-Interstate uncomfortable.

And finally, Marthea told Susan and I that we had to watch a show on Showtime called Weeds. I got the torrent going and pulled down the first season to watch. It took us less than a week to watch all 11 episodes. That show is amazing. All those who have seen it seem to absolutely love it. Check it out. Second season just ended last week (or so). It's pretty funny, scary, smart and dangerous at the same time. Check it out and let me know what you think. You can get it for your iPod now as well. It's well worth it.

Here's MattyD and Katie at our house for dinner. It's too bad that our kids aren't social, eh?


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