Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Patapsco Skills Area Update

Ok, I have to come up with a name for this project. I'm going to TRY to stick with 'Skills Area' although I am taking suggestions. Send 'em along.

Here's a pic of (L to R) Jeff from BikeDr Linthicum, Eric from MAMBO, Daryl Anthony from DNR, Austin from MORE, Rich from IMBA Trail Solutions and Dan from IMBA Trail Solutions, MORE and DNR. Yup, he's sneaky. Notice how he's trying to lean out of the photo. He's so humble...

We met with the Dept of Natural Resources planning team last week to present our ideas and plan. Everything went well. At least I think it did. Our next step is a meeting on-site at the Norris Lane site to see what is out there and then over to the proposed Hilton site. No word on when that meeting will be scheduled. Rest assured that we are working on it. I hope we hear soon.

I got the final 'no way' from Whitetail regarding mountain biking for 2007. We got a 'come back and talk to us in a year' so we'll see how that goes. We have to regroup and come up with a new plan of attack. Here's hoping.


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