Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shenandoah Mountain 100 Registration Open!

I just got this email from Chris Scott:

Happy Spring Equinox to all!! (yes, it is actually tonight at 8:08 PM EST!)

The Wilderness 101 - Aug 4th ------ Shenandoah Mountain 100 - Sept 2nd

Active.com has registration going for the Wilderness 101 and for the SM100
Snail mail entry forms are available on the mountaintouring.com website. Both events are part of the NUE Series for 2007 with the SM100 being the series finals yet again. (NUE = the new name for the National Ultra Endurance Series)

New for 2007 is a group training partnership in the DC area with The Bike Lane and Principle Fitness for the SM100. Training starts April 1st - info can be found on the Bike Lane's website - Thanks Anne Mader and Eric Sorensen!!

We have been working on a few other project for 2007 as well. The Mt. Nittany Wheelworks boys are hell bent on the Stooooopid 50 idea. Why?, because there is so much more sweet singletrack closer to State College that the 101 doesn't even touch. It looks like we are going to make that one fly on June 10 - more info to follow in the next week. And if you thought that was iffy.... then the Woodstock, NY Catskill 50 project is full on dreamy. But we are chasing that one down too! Once the snow melts we will know more - June 30th anyone?? - keep that date open!!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2006 events so much fun!! - volunteers, racers, and sponsors!!

See ya soon,

Chris Scott
Shenandoah Mountain Touring, LLC.
IMBA State Representative - Virginia


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