Monday, January 07, 2008

Hot Saturday Action

Went to see Ozzy and Rob Zombie at Verizon Center in DC Saturday night. 'Goin' off the rails on a crazy train...' wreck.

Boy. What to say. Every redneck for miles around put their time in. I had low expectations and I was disappointed. Everything from the guitar solo to Ozzy's presence. It was sad. Poor guy.

Now, obviously I'm not giving the guy a lot of room here. I'm not an Ozzy fan although there are some classic Sabbath tunes that I won't turn off if I hear them. I was fully prepared to be impressed with his show and come away with hope or something. Nope.

It's important to mention that we were in one of the corporate boxes. That's the way to go to ANY show... Also, the tickets were free. It was six of us and we kept flipping between laughter and pity. Either way, it was HILARIOUS to see Ozzy hosing people down in the first 12 or so rows with some sort of foam gun. I mean people really got it. We could CLEARLY see people taking the full force of this thing right in the mouth. It was like Ozzy was waiting for them to open up and then- BAM!- right in the kisser with 30mph foam.

To all the Ozzy fans out there: sorry. It's bad. Save your money and stay home.


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