Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DCCX Pics - Finally!

Lots of culling went on... Too many bad shots. I think I deleted close to 200 shots. Now I have to get the other 400 or so out in the world.

Patience, please.

Thank you.

The man, the myth, the guy with the idea for DCCX, Mr MattyD. Thanks man. Pre-reg is my favorite part of the race!

Matty's fam - Pops, Moms and Saint Katie. That's right, it's a family affair.

Nothing says 'ready to party' like Mr Pat in his cow suit. Yes, you must notice the Milkmaid's wig under the helmet and cow's ears. This is no ordinary cow suited-man.

He's also a scholar.


Here's Mr Family Bike Shop himself, Jonathan Seibold, hamming it up while 'racing.' As Bega said, if you have time to acknowledge the crowd, you aren't riding fast enough.

And there were a few of us out there Sunday, for sure.

And we have Uncle Kent Baake...

Always up for some hard work and a good time. I don't think Kent knows how to have fun without hard work or how to work hard without having fun. A great guy, all the time, without exception.

This is how Kent prepares for a race. Smiling...

And of course here's Mr Joe 'New Daddy' Foley. He's clowning for me. And he's in charge of posting results. No thanks. That's actually work. And you can easily piss somebody off.

But we managed to avoid that, to the best of my knowledge. And don't tell me otherwise...

Normally a smiling, relaxed guy, Dave looks like he's got something on his mind.


Easy Dave. It's ok.

I swear there was a race going on somewhere... You wouldn't know it from these pics, eh?

And here's 'Put Me In The Catalogue Mr Hollywood' Mathias.

See how good everyone looks BEFORE a race? It's almost as if we all actually enjoy cycling!


I don't have a race report. I lined up cuz this is the only 'cross race I do. I really like this course and Marc does a great job laying it out. The corners are fun to rail, there's always multiple tough sections and you can't really relax too much.

I bowed to peer pressure, well, Bega PA pressure, and gave the barriers the What For. I managed to get over the first barrier twice and barely had a shot at even trying the second one.

Next year, I'm setting up those barriers. Sign me up.

I won a box of chocolates. Those chocolates made their way to work and now they are no more.

I owe many of you a lot of photos so look for emails later tonite and tomorrow. I'll try to get everything out.

And here's Big Joel and Kent.

Huge thanks to my fellow DCMTB'ers for another great race. And thanks to all of you who trusted us enough to plunk down some $$ for a race in DC. I don't think there's a question about next year. We are in. Unless Matty says 'no' or Katie drops the hammer.

Thanks for the frites, Scud. Thanks for the beers Sonoma. Thanks for the other stuff Belgian embassy, especially that Merckx guy. More pics later.


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