Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some Sting!

That's the bite. It's been a few days. Today is Wed and that little bastard bug bit me on Sunday. Sorry the pic is shiny, I just put some medicine on it to keep it from itching.

I know, I'm supposed to shave the legs, but I'm just not that guy. That is one ugly leg, though, I've gotta tell ya. Would it look any better sans hair? Well, it couldn't look much worse!

Everything underneath that red spot (about the size of a golf ball) is hard. It feels like there is a chunk of hard dough or something in there. I've been trying to rub it out a little bit (no jokes) but it's holdin' strong. Anybody out there have a clue here? I'm not going to the damn doctor for this little thing, but it's got me curious. If there is some way I can scare up the coin to get a massage (the legal kind) I should get over there. It's probably worth it. The kids don't need winter clothes, right?

The rest of me is fine. I'm not tired, I have above-average stiffness, but nothing more than a full week of riding usually provides. I've been eating like a champ and haven't put on a pound (yet). I rode the bike over to drop the kids off today before my meetings and it felt great. I'll be at the shop in CC in the morning and then I have a conf call and an appointment in the afternoon so I won't be riding tomorrow either.

Oh, somebody asked me what bike I rode at the SM100. I rode the carbon stump fsr. Next year I might try it on the singlespeed as it was WAY easier this year than last. I think the power that you get from onespeedin' it is very useful. I used to only ride my single back in 1998-2000 and I was plenty strong on the rare occasion that I jumped on the 'ol Bontrager hardtail. I think that's the key for me to break 11 hrs next year. This year would have been pretty close. I'm sure that napping on the side of the trail and hurling a few times will slow you down, I just don't know how much! I'm hoping for a 10.5 hr effort in 2007, if it doesn't rain.

This year, I trained too much for simple endurance instead of endurance and power. Michael M just gave me a book about core training that I'll check out. Brian told me a few of the exercises that he does, mostly body-weight type stuff and yoga. I should check in with Kent, too. He's nuts and strong. He picked up his Moots Ybb 29'er geared bike today. Bega managed to get it built before I even saw it. I'll have to get some pics of that bad boy.


At 11:33 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

the 100 on a single?


it can be done
it has been done

sounds like fun

At 11:33 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

camps took off the springs this year

no springs
no gears


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