Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year and News

Happy New Year everyone. Susan and I went to 9:30 last night for Greyboy All Stars and Soulive. The new-school, jam-band hippies were in full force. God, I hate patchouli.

Greyboy used to play in San Diego all the time at a place called Winstons in Ocean Beach. It was $5 and there was 20 people in the bar. It was 1996. Last night, the place was packed and I was damn-near the oldest guy in there.

More music news from DC-boy Matty Grason. He's a top-notch kid. Feel good about supporting him:

Introducing...Matt Grason's Motel Project

It's no longer just a figment of my imagination. At long last, the CD I've been talking about for years is nearly here. Motel is the intersection of DC hip-hop and original NYC jazz. It's not typical hip-hop; it's MCs with positive messages performing as jazz musicians. And it's not "straight ahead" jazz: it's fusion and heavy funk played by killin', killin' cats. You haven't heard this before.

We have a CD: Lost and Found

We have a website:

We have a MySpace page (join us):

We have a band:
Matt Grason on bass
Jostein Gulbrandsen and John Lee on guitar
Jon Irabagon and Matt Rippetoe on sax
Jerrol Pennerman on keys
Dave McDonald on drums

We have a reunion...the Freestyle "Re-Union":
John Moon (Dapp Theory, Cornell West Theory)
Aura Gin (Hueman Prophets)
Straight Forward (Hueman Prophets)
Kokayi (Opus Akoben, Steve Coleman, Dapp Theory)
Sub-Z (Opus Akoben, Steve Coleman, Dapp Theory)
Cool Cee Brown (Dirty Water)
YU (The Remainz)

We have a CD release show:
Thursday, January 25th, 2007
940 9th Street, NW, 20001, (202) 483-5000
with the Cornell West Theory
$5 at the door

We have a sneak preview show:
Saturday, January 6th, 2007
1610 14th ST NW, 20009, (202) 667-3700
$10 (plus $3 if you BYOB)

We have hundreds of adoring fans:
You. Welcome to Motel.

See you soon,


At 1:56 PM, Blogger camps said...

I like both those bands,
patchouli too,
and I'm older than you ;)


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