Friday, October 19, 2007

NC Focus Group Trip Pics

Here are some pics of the pump track and Pisgah trip for the high-end focus group with Specialized product design staff. Sloan, Jan, Buck and Rob do a great job making the best mtn bikes that I've ever ridden. This was the un-official after-ride testing session on Chris Herndon's pump track. It's small, tight and hard to ride really fast. Of course, Chris made it look easy, doubling up some of the gaps.

We've got Sloan, Buck, Tamara, group shot and Itchy from Pisgah and pump track.

Next time, we'll have to bring a bunch of P bikes. The Enduro and stump are just too much bike for this application. Buck had the best luck with his Pitch wound down in the front. He chased Sloan around for a few laps. Yeah, you've got a pic of Sloan on the ground. You don't see that too often so drink it in.

I'm into that brown/orange Stump FSR Pro frame. It's Sloan's personal bike but it's a stock color. Pretty damn cool.

I'll get some pics from the next day up. I've got some good shots of Buck as well so let me wade through the pics I have and get some edits done.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

I would love to see someone develop a pump course in the DC area


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