Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Present

Emma woke up on Saturday, came downstairs a few minutes after Jeremy and shared bee-cereal with him for breakfast. (Bee cereal is honey nut cheerios - it has a bee on it).

After breakfast, they wanted to go outside and play. Jeremy wanted his pirate bike (his Hotwalk) and Emma asked for her doggy bike (her hotrock 16 with (duh) doggies on it). I took the training wheels off last summer and she has not been interested in riding it once. I put down my coffee and walked down into the garage with them. I handed Jeremy his pirate bike, buckled his helmet and he rode down onto the sidewalk, turning to wait for his big sister.

I handed Emma the bike and she asked me if I could take the pedals off (to be like Jeremy's bike). With my coffee cooling upstairs and the sleep still in my eyes I told her 'No' and waited for her reaction. 'It's OK, daddy, I'll just ride it like a two-wheeler.'

She pushed the bike to the edge of the garage, pushed off, pulled her feet up and coasted to meet up with Jeremy.

She balanced!

With my mouth agape, I walked out of the garage, shirtless, coffee-less and shoeless to see her push off after her brother, put her feet on the pedals and ride away down the sidewalk.

She did it. She was finally riding without training wheels. I called to Susan, whom I heard walking around the kitchen above, and she came running out with her camera to watch Emma ride up and down the street while I stood in the middle to direct traffic, mostly naked.

Her brother stayed squarely behind her, rubbing his front tire to her rear tire to make a funny noise. They both laughed as they piloted their little machines around the street, Emma beaming with self-confidence and pride.

I am so proud. Best father's day present ever.

Susan has the pics on her camera. I'll try to grab those later...

I am so proud.


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic moment. She more than made-up for my lapdesk.

That's DESK - not dance, people.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Darren said...

Mike, where did she ride the bike without training wheels? Pretty cool if out of the blue, my nephew is too tied to training wheels, need to get him off those.


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