Friday, April 25, 2008

Shout Out: Mr Biggs

I'd like to take a second and give some props to my teammate and buddy Darren Biggs. Here's why:

Most recently, Darren put us in first place in our class at Baker's with a SUPER strong start going into the woods in fifth place. AND he did it in crazy-socks and molester-moustache style. Fast with a sense of humor. In my years with dcmtb, this is the majority of the boys/girls.

For trying to stay out in front of me on a downhill at Big Bear last year. And THEN destroying his drivetrain, fixing it, breaking it again and running 6 miles out, with a smile on his face.

Darren has decided, pretty-much single-handedly to create his own Mid-Atlantic Endurance Cup, despite NUMEROUS ribbings from some teammates. I think it's cool and I'm stoked he's doing it. He LOVES racing with people he knows and that is never limited to just us dcmtb cats.

For just being fast. This guy LOVES punishing himself. As MattyD likes to say, Darren likes to 'climb into the pain cave' at a race. He has no problem talking about how bad he feels, how slow he's going to go, how he's going to quit after this lap and then KILLING it with a flawless, super-fast lap. Ask him about his antibiotics...

For showing up at the SM100 with the rest of us dcmtb kids (including some 6-7-time SM100 finishers) and DESTROYING us with a 9-hour time. Damn son. Of course, he was laughing the whole time.

Check out Darren's Mid-Atlantic Endurance Cup. If people are stoked on it, I'm sure he'll improve it next year and I bet he'll find some help, too. Maybe he'll include some regular teams (as long as you stick it out for the season).

So here's to ya Darren. You are one of the biggest knuckleheads that I know and I'm glad that I get to race with you. Keep talkin' and keep smilin'. I'll throw down with you any time.


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