Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baker's Dozen or 'Sabotage' Video?

Sup, Chester? Nice work out there yesterday...

It was nice to see Prince Harry come out for a race now that he's back from Afghanistan. Makin' the queen-mother proud... changing his own tire like a big boy...

We managed to get 18 Bikes team members out to Lessburg for the second Baker's Dozen race. 13 hours of racing. Fun fun.

I was racing with the Bikes/Solar Ring Blingers. I have no earthly clue where that name came from but I reckon that it had something to do with the child molester in the picture at top-right.

We made it up there in time to get everything set up and hang out for a while. In-camp transitions would be fun with the RFID tags we were issued. That was a nice touch by the boys at Plum Grove.

The course was tight, kinda bumpy with no major difficult sections but random occasional technical and potentially high-consequence trick shots. The speeds in some sections were high enough to cause some real difficulty. Plenty of people got real beat-up on this 'easy' course. I was lucky enough to not shoulder-check a tree (two 'almosts'), come off the bike, slide out or anything. Having never seen the course and getting some less-than-stellar course descriptions, I was lucky that nothing happened. Two personal goals of mine did manage to come to fruition: didn't get passed once on any of my eight laps and never shifted out of the big ring.

For anyone that knows me, that's not an indication of how studly I am, it's a testament to how flat the course was.

We started out in GREAT position, thanks to Darren Longstocking's great start. A team from the Bike Line reeled us back in about half-way through (passing Kent, I can't believe it). We ended up in second. Not bad.

Actually, I just looked through my pictures of the start and Darren 'I Like Small Boys' Biggs came through the start-finish area in 9th. WHOA! No wonder he was so tired. No wonder we were in first for a while! I almost feel bad about all the jokes I made about him. Tommy Vaughn came through in 26th. Loren came through in 29th right next to Mr Pat Miller. Welp was in 35th. Dave in 40th. Joe in 53rd. Lynn in 55th.

I was happy with my times. I was mostly sub 31 minutes. I slowed down for my last double at night. I had a great time. I rode with Lynne, Whitehair and Trevor in the last lap. Those drops were fun in the dark.

Great course. Great placing. Somebody stole a bike from the race promoter. Moots Mooto-X YBB, XTR with White 20mm thru fork. Bad. Very bad. We're going to take up a collection if it doesn't turn up soon. Bad juju. This could end up killing the race. They are pretty upset about it over at Plum Grove, as they should be...

Results are here. Pics are here.


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