Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Moots Pics and Thanks for the Memories!

After rolling through our last few Moots bikes, we brought in some freshies. 2008 MootoX-YBB and YBB plus a 56cm Compact VaMoots. The VaMoots is still just a frame. We have a SRAM Force group sitting around waiting to tacked on.

Here's Philly-Boy holding the 29r MootoX-YBB. Smart build with pink headset, Juicys, Reba 80-100, Thomson, WTB... Pretty bike with SUPERHOT test-ride pedals! That Devo saddle is sexy. The 26r has one, too! I should have weighed the bike but I didn't.

We also have the 26r YBB. This is our best-seller. Such a fun bike. Even though 1/2 of Moots mountain bike business is 29rs, we still sell plenty of 26rs. See? Look how happy Phil is, just TOUCHING the Moots. Imagine what it feels like when you sit on it! How's that for graphic!?

We have some Easton EA90sl wheels coming in for the Compact VaMoots road bike. I think it's getting a Ouzo Pro fork, carbon bar and the new Cinch post from Moots when it comes out next month.

When Jon from Moots was here, he promised me a demo of the 4" travel 29r, the MootoXZ. Also on the way will be a Cinco. I'll let you know.

All of our bikes are available for test-rides. Ya gotta ride it to love it! There's no other way around it!

In other news, we got the Dakar XCR Pro bikes in for the demo fleet. 4" travel of carbon xc love. We are waiting on the 21" (so is Welp!) but our demo fleet is almost complete! We are picking up the trailer for the vinyl decal application on it and the van next week. It should be sweet. We'll be driving that sucker around to the local races (and some not-so-local) so just let us know if you need a ride!

In sad but not-a-bid-deal news, the Suby is gone. We traded her in. After years of solid service and no breakdowns, we traded her in for a new car (new to us). Here's Emma the day we traded her in. 182k miles. Races, Emma and Jeremy both came home from the hospital in that car. Susan and I went on our honeymoon in that car. Now, what to do with the roof racks...

In double-secret news, there's a chance that Ned will be available for a bike ride on Friday morning next week. He'll be in town for the National Bike Summit. If you care, let me know and I'll let you know what's up. He's calling me back to let me know if he can get his permission slip signed but it's looking good.

And I just can't seem to convince him that riding the SM100 is a good idea. I asked him AGAIN about it and he said 'the only way you'll get me to do that is if it's 50 miles.' DAMN!

I said 'Ned, it'll probably take you around 8 and a half hours, if you relax.' He said, 'That's how much riding I do in a week!' DAMN!

I told him that I'd keep bugging him and he said that was ok.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Lonnie Bruner said...


When I have kids I'm thinking about getting one of those Subaru station wagons. You'd recommend it then? How's the gas mileage? Can you get them with 4 cylinder engines?


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Surly Rider said...

Good by to the subie. I just traded in my old red one...Remember Bike Dork? She had 130 thousand miles. I got a new(to me) station wagon with only 30 on it. As things go, mine will probably have similar firsts as yours.

Also...You are making me want a moots 29er!

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Big Daddy Mike said...

The Suby was a 2.2l 4-cylinder that got 30mpg. I think they are great cars. Never left me stranded which is pretty huge. I put 150k miles on that car and now people don't recognize me!


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