Friday, January 25, 2008

Mike Doughty at 8x10

Last night, I got cajoled into going on a date with Jeff to see Mike Doughty at the 8x10 in Baltimore. Benny sent me an email within minutes of Jeff asking me to go so I figured that was a sign. I hadn't seen Benny in way too long. I hadn't been to 8x10 since a band I was in played there back in the 1990s. Turn the page, right?

I picked up Jeff and we rolled to the show. We had a beer and waiting for the opening act to finish. I got a chance to catch up with Benny. Me moved downstairs to get a better view of the show. Mike Doughty came up on stage and went right into Soul Coughing's Chicago. It was just him and his guitar. He's got such a great voice and his lyrics are always interesting but the best part is his intonation and style.

Right away, I was stoked. Soul Coughing has been one of my favorite bands for a LONG TIME. I thought about it while I was listening to him play. I'm pretty sure that I have been listening to Mike Doughty since I was in high school. Ok, college (1994 for Ruby Vroom).

I last saw Soul Coughing back in 1995 on New Year's Eve. It was a roller-coaster drive at the last minute to Norfolk to meet some friends of mine. Soul Coughing was opening for Dave Matthews. Good times.

Mike's got a new album coming out. If you don't have any Soul Coughing or Mike Doughty in your collection, I think you are missing out. Check it out. He's a good New York boy.


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