Saturday, January 12, 2008

I (heart) TurboTax!

Seriously? Hells yes.

There's nothing better than TurboTax.

Last year, Susan was getting frustrated with getting our taxes done. I think she enjoys that part of it. There sure is a great deal of satisfaction when completing something that not only SEEMS hard but truly is a pain in the butt and confusing, like taxes. Throw in a spouse, kids, dependent care account, retirement, mortgage and you get confusing taxes. Now, I'm pretty sure that this is when everyone says 'Yeah! Let's get rid of the IRS and flat-tax it!' which is when I just call you stoopid. Here's why.

I just picked up myW2 for 2007 yesterday and when I got the mail at the house last night, there was my 'Save $10 on TurboTax' mailer in the mail. That's smart. Nice timing. And you bet your sweet Aunt Mary that I'll be using it!

They email you the completion details for the Feds. They email you the details for the state. They save your personal information when you sign in again. Ever used the Internet? They really got the interface down. There are no short time-outs of the pages, everything is intuitive.

I'm not paid to endorse them. However, if they are taking applications, I'll submit asap.

Growing up, I never did my taxes, obviously. It would have been nice to be involved at SOME level but whatever. I never did taxes when I was in college either. My dad usually just told me 'I got your taxes mailed for you' which meant that it was time for me to say 'thank you' and feel some sort of guilt about him doing it FOR me, like I had any idea that being hammered at college wasn't a good way to prepare for April 15th Tax Day. When I lived in California, it was largely the same deal with dad but then I didn't have any idea that riding your bike all day, surfing and working in a bike shop wasn't a good way to prepare for April 15th. After moving back to the DC area in 1998 (whoa, 10 years) I decided that 'growing up' included actually doing my own taxes. I hated it so much that I made sure that I found myself a smart, attractive woman (with a penchant for form-filling) and married her. It was another few years before I started doing laundry correctly though...

And now we are smart enough to save a few arguments and just do taxes online. And I make sure we get money back...


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