Thursday, February 07, 2008

Music: Oh No.

Plenty of people will be upset with me for this post. I was in a few bands in my life. Two actually made a little (beer) money while we were in college. Boondoggle was the first, born out of the freshman dorm at Salisbury (State) University. Lee (band name credit), Damon and I all lived on the same floor. I think Colin lived in the other all-male dorm and Barb was in a co-ed dorm. Punga introduced us to Barb and we used to practice (quite loudly) in the basement of Pocomoke dorm.

We had a lot of fun. The music was good enough that people (in college) paid money to see us. That's about all I can say. I've always loved music and it is humbly that I offer this music free to all who want it. I haven't checked in with the rest of the band members but I have the DATs so what am I supposed to do? The link to the LastFM site is on the right.

The other band is Grain. Lee remained the drummer and I on bass. Glenn lived next to me sophmore year and Brian 'Stinky' Synowiec was a high-school acquaintance. We had a lot of fun.

We played out a little. We got paid to play almost all the time (which I personally consider huge). A lot of us wrote the songs but I'll personally cop to writing Division, JumpKillRun, Standing There from Grain and... Crap. I didn't write any of the Boondoggle songs. Hmm. I remember doing a lot of arranging and composing but I guess that's it. It's all collaborative so I may be wrong and we ALL deserve the credit, I'm just being selfish.

I have some pics from Mr Punga that I need to get scanned. He deserves credit for the album art on both tapes (yes, cassette tapes, remember those?). Les at LSP did all of the final production and Cliff Hillis recorded us on his 8-track in the basement of his parent's house in frikken Delaware somewhere. Poor college kids like $10/hr for recording. Cliff was patient with us and it turned out pretty well. Nowadays, we would have done it all on a Mac but whatever...

I have A TON of great memories from that time. Playing in Palmyra, NJ, Baltimore and Salisbury. 'Band practice' as it were. Dan, Jack, Benny, Punga, Beetle, Dooley, Bronwyn... We had so many friends that supported us and just loved music (or whatever you want to call it). It was a great time and only recently have some of us starting talking again after a long break. We've all gone our separate ways and only Glenn has kept the dream alive (see post below).

So, have at it. I'm sure you'll listen and laugh. I do. If you want to download the .mp3s, have at that, too. If you enjoy it, great, listen away, it's all yours now. It's all ours again. I'll work on the pics...


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