Friday, February 01, 2008

Turn the Page, Right?

I was typing a friend's email address into an email and I realized that he was geeky enough to have an email address that was '@(hisname).com. I thought hmmmmmm... Maybe there's an actual site that he has.

And, lo and behold, it's real. Check it out. Not much so you won't waste your entire day there which is just how I likes my internets. Brief. I was in a band with this guy in college and we cut a record together, when there were such things (ok, a tape actually; almost as irrelevant). Glenn (yup, two n's, he's that guy) lived next to me in college and I heard him playing guitar one day. I had the remnants of a band from the year before and he jumped in. We had a lot of fun. I was at the 8x10 the other night and I think I mentioned that the last time I was there was when the band Glenn and I were in played there. I'm taking the DAT master tapes to Les tomorrow to get them converted to .mp3. Should be pretty cool. Don't worry, there won't be a 'We're gettin' the band back together!' post. I'm NOT that guy.

Punga took tons of shots of the bands from back in the day when we were in college together. I should try to get them converted (I don't have a scanner). Maybe I'll have HIM do it! There we go.

Give Glenn a listen. If you live in NYC or LI, check him out. He's pretty cool. I haven't talked to him or seen him in years but I heard that he was living in Finland for a while, hunting caribou. Seriously. Then in Berlin with some girl. I guess he's back stateside. If you catch him, send me a pic. Mention that you used to be a huge fan of Grain. Then duck his punch (or accept the drink he buys you, not sure). He sounds pretty Death Cab for Cutie these days. He always was Mr Emo (before we knew what Emo was). Big surprise that his songs are about girls. He like the ladies, eh?

I miss those music days. Now I have bike riding and there is WAY less drama but I do miss the music. I still play my guitar but doing it by yourself isn't the same. It never is, right? Heh.


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