Monday, February 18, 2008

Rides and New Ride

I went riding with the Fight Club. I didn't realize there was such a group. I brought brass knuckles but ended up not needing them. Pics from Mr Frenchie (with the killer ale) if you are interested.

Jon and I went to Gambrill with Punga and the boys. It was really fun. It was tacky but not wet out there. Gambrill is rocky. Jon doesn't ride a lot of rocks out in Steamboat but that boy has skills from years and years of riding. He was fast and happy. We rode pretty hard on Saturday on the road cuz Patapsco was not rideable. Goofy weather. Jon's on his way back to Moots as I type. He's a great guy and they make great bikes. It was nice to have him around.

In other news, Matt picked up his new Niner from the Bike Lane. He's stoked. Big guys love those bikes and Matt isn't a hair under 6'2". It's pretty, eh? Enjoy, Matt! And congrats!


At 6:13 PM, Blogger nickhritz said...

Weird weather day. Glad you guys got a ride in.


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