Friday, November 07, 2008

Smart Car Passion - Road Trip

We had a pre-bid meeting on the eastern shore for a cleanup project at work and I managed to secure our Smart car for the trip. It's a little two-seater city car with a tiny engine. I put a few hundred miles on it and it's pretty sweet. Not a whole lot of pickup and the shifting is odd but once you get up to speed, it's a great ride!

I moved the seat all the way back and I couldn't reach the pedals. Sweet. A/C, rear defrost, rear wiper, tire pressure monitoring, am/fm/dc, panoramic glass roof, 5 speed auto or auto shift on the steering wheel with paddles or at the shifter on the floor.

I would totally drive one. Once you get in (the door is 80% the length of the whole car!), you forget that the car is small. EVERYBODY wants to know about it even though they dismiss their interest with 'be careful' as if the car itself makes you less safe. It doesn't.

If you have $12k and live in the city or need a second car, I would check it out. I would buy one, for sure. It's rad.


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