Friday, June 02, 2006

Goin' over

So here's Irv. This skinny 'rican has way too much stuff on... Irv got out of the Navy a few years ago, went to law school then got married and signed up for the Reserves. Two days later, he gets his orders and he's off to Mississippi for training before heading to Afghanistan. Nice. Oh, and his wife found out they are expecting just a few weeks before. Great.

Wouldn't you like to be sent to a place called 'the Valley of Death?' Sounds like a great vacation spot. 115 deg F sounds dry, eh? Politics aside, please wish this guy (and all the other people over there) well and do what you can to help out. And that doesn't mean putting a damn yellow ribbon sticker on your SUV... If you have some old books or some CDs that you have converted to MP3s, let me know and I'll send 'em over there for you.

Take it easy, Irv. We're here for you and Sarah.


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