Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Bike Images

Since my uber-marketing wife has turned me on to Google Analytics, I can see how you all are finding me. In an effort to serve a public need, I'll start posting stuff that people are looking for. So, here are some images that people have been looking for (and that I promised).

2007 Jamis SuperNova (over there ====>). It's around $1900 this year. It's got an Easton 'cross fork on it, Easton wheels, true 'cross gearing up front. This is a departure for Jamis as it is an aluminum frame and carbon rear end. Their Novas have always been steel. This is a nice addition. It's a sub-20lb race bike. I'm sure this thing will handle like a dream. I'd love to throw one under my own ass. Oh yeah, 105/Ultegra 10 spd stuff plus FSA 2 piece cranks. The frame is hydroformed aluminum and they designed it to be flat on the underside of the top tube to aid in portaging (that means carrying on your shoulder). Fat tires, drop bars, what else is there?

Another cool new bike from these guys is the 29'er geared bike that they are doing for 2007. It's nice to see a singlespeed steel (previous post) AND geared bike in aluminum in the same year. That's a great couple of choices. They aren't making them in small sizes and I can understand why. If you are 5'7" and over, you shouldn't have a problem. We are going to stock all of these bikes so you'll be able to check it out. They are calling this the Dakota 29'er which fits nicely in with the previous Dakotas in terms of price and spec. Rock Shox, LX, XT, Juicys... Just what you would expect for the $1300-ish asking price. Not a bad price of entry for this sucker and it's sub 30 lbs. I think you could easily drop 2-3 lbs on this if you wanted to hook up on a frameset and go your own way. Total price would be less than $3k for something pretty light. Somebody will want to do this (Gwadz?).

Last but not least for tonite is the good 'ol Nova. For 2007, we stick with the steel frame/carbon fork of year's past. I'm lovin' that orange. Panel paint jobs are always classic. Jamis has made it a point to step up the quality of the paint and finish on their bikes for 2007. I'm all for it. Your stuff's gotta look good before people are even willing to ride it or ask questions about it. People won't admit it, but it's key. Hell, this is retail, after all, and you have to make your products 'pop' for people or they won't buy it. Bikes are a real reflection of the person straddling the top tube. There's no question. People make that decision sub-consciously. Anyway... 631 frame, 34/50 up front with 2 piece crank, 105 1ospd stuff (WOOHOO!), Avid brakes, actually comes with pedals! Crank Bros (I hate 'em), Ritchey wheels, all under 22.5 lbs complete. What's not to love? We've always done really well with the Novas and I don't see anything changing. It looks like we'll be stocking 2 'cross bikes from Jamis, 2 from Cannondale, 3 from Specialized plus the SWorks E5 frameset (big seller for us in 2005-6), the Surly CrossCheck... Damn, that's a lot of 'cross bikes.

I'll have to get that Cannondale disc from the Adams Morgan shop and try to pry a few images out of that to post. Busy day tomorrow down there so don't hate me if I don't get to it.

Any other requests? Interbike will have me posting some up close and personal pics from the show (no nudity, sorry), and I'm going to interview some industry friends of mine if I can wrangle 'em. Short list is Brandon Sloan from Spec'd, Greg Webber from Jamis, Gary Klein (what's he up to?), Chad Peterson from Cannnondale, Jon from Moots, Bubba from Yeti, Ned Overend (my buddy), Patrick and Mark Weir from WTB and Big Ed from SRAM. We'll see how it goes. I already have a full schedule. Got any requests? Just let me know.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger kob said...

Nice bikes; thanks for the info

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Little_Jewford said...

womens Jamis road bikes for 07?

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Big Daddy Mike said...

Let me get the pics going here...



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