Thursday, February 22, 2007

Winter Finally Comes

After a balmy January, February comes in packing some serious Canadian cold. Special thanks to our Canadian sponsors, Darren and Erin...

Snow, frozen rain, sleet, cold, wind... we got it all.

Needless to say, I've gotten a lot of work done. It's easy to stay inside when the weather is like this. Of course, a lot of my friends made it out during the frozen parts of the day, but my schedule just didn't allow it. I was just too busy to get out in that stuff despite what has been called 'epic conditions' by many. Frozen snow that felt like pavement, off-trail riding, two inches off the trail... Oh well. I got some late-day road miles in with Shawn on Saturday (too warm to ride off-road).

We went up to PA to celebrate Susan's birthday (not saying which one) with some of our extended family and had a great time. Michael and Nicole were great hosts. Cakes, small friends, guitars, art projects, good food... It was a great trip, albeit a short one. We had Friday and Saturday booked as well so it was a nice end to a busy weekend for President's day.

Mtn bike race time is only a few weeks off now. We have the first of our 24hr races in 9 weeks at the Granny Gear Temecula race. I've started to round up some old friend for some help for the race. We're trying to do this on SOME type of budget and racing that far away from home is expensive real quick. Hell, this weekend is the SECOND TradeZone road training race in Upper Marlboro. I'm gonna try to make it down there. I've never done a road race before and Jonathan from Family Bikes won a race last year and recommended that I come out to ride. He said it's great when it's not dangerous, but that's the trick, eh? I sure as hell don't want to ruin my season by getting taken out by some knucklehead on a road bike. I would have to straight up kill somebody if that happened.

We are supposed to have 20-50mph gusts of wind through tomorrow and then some sleet on Sunday (race day). We'll see what Susan thinks. I'll see if she wants to bring the kids out for the 10:30am B race.

Sorry for the delay this month. I think the cold has frozen my blog-brain. Plus, staring at that Sworks Enduro SL hanging out in Chevy Chase has partially retarded me. If only I could afford that piece! It's purty.

March is just around the corner. Dust off those bikes if you haven't already. It's GO TIME!


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