Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sorry Spec'd, Can't Wait - 29'er Update

I'm pretty sure there's an Epic in there, based on some info I got last year...
Specialized To Launch Mountain Bikes with 29-Inch Wheels
News to be released this week on the Specialized Riders Club site
March 21, 2007, Morgan Hill, CA

Trusted Dealer,

Amid a great deal of rumor and speculation, we would like to formally announce to our trusted dealers that the 2008 Specialized product lineup will include a number of mountain bike models with 29-inch wheels. We wanted to tell you first; this information will be confirmed publicly later this week. Please keep this information confidential until then.

We could have introduced bikes with 29-inch wheels with our 2007 line, but to do so would've meant a rush to market that we were not comfortable with. We would never introduce a bike or other product until it absolutely lives up to the Specialized name; to do so would risk our reputation and your livelihood. Brandon Sloan and the rest of our mountain bike development team carefully studied, refined and improved every element of the 29" wheel platform. A rigorous product development cycle, including test riding by longtime Specialized racer and product developer Ned Overend, will ensure that our 29-inch wheeled bikes will be the best in the market. We are certain that we've created bikes that live up to the Specialized name.

We will reveal the exact models, pricing, specs, frame material and other details when we officially launch the product line. To generate buzz, we'll be releasing the first public mention of our 29-inch wheeled bikes on the Specialized Riders Club website, The Riders Club is filled with passionate riders from around the country and is the perfect place to start spreading the word and building excitement for this important new line of bikes.

Are your weekly shop rides on the Riders Club website? If not, email and we'll get you set up with everything you need to get involved!

Watch the Riders Club site later this week for the story and exclusive pictures!


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Surly Rider said...

I am giddy like a school girl for an epic 29er.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Big Daddy Mike said...

I got an email from Ned last night (yes, that Ned) and he says no 29'er Epic for 08. I was wrong... Unless he's just messing with me, which is VERY possible.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Surly Rider said...

It would be nice. Right now that is one of my dream bikes.
Maybe he is putting you on.


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