Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stoopid Officials

I sure am glad we don't have to deal with this type of crap at the local level... Watch the whole video from this link from Team Yeti at the MSA race. Details:

The four-cross started off well with Jared qualifying in first position. He felt confident about pulling out the win and getting back in the hunt for the overall. Unfortunately, Jared’s plan did not pan out and instead the race ended in controversy.

In the semis, Jared was out in front with fellow team Yeti rider Ross Milan behind him. It looked like both Yeti riders would advance without a problem. Then Scott Beaumont went for a desperation pass on the inside. Ross boxed him out, but Scott proceeded to run over the flag marking the course. This move should have disqualified Beaumont right then and there. Beaumont then proceeded to t-bone Jared, taking him out of the lead; another automatic disqualification.

Jared protested the move, called for the course officials to enforce the rules, and to disqualify Beaumont. The blatancy of the move was apparent by all the spectators and fellow riders, but the course officials pleaded ignorance, saying they did not see the illegal move. Scott Beaumont did not comment or fess up to any wrongdoing, and continued onto the finals. Jared entered the small final and won by about 5 bike lengths.

A win at Mt. Saint Anne would have put Jared back in contention for the overall, but now it looks like a race for the rainbow stripes.


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