Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Brakes On the Way!

What a coincidence. I looked in to getting new brakes for my new bike and it seems they are available. Jonny-boy over at Family Bike Shop got some on order for me and they'll be here tomorrow. I'm stoked.

I've been running the Juicy brakes from Avid (SRAM) for a few years now. Four? I think I got them the year they came out. I have a set of Juicy 5s, had 7s on my other bike, had some Carbons on the 06 stump and now I'm stoked to be waiting on the Elixirs. There's a ton of info out in the world about these. SRAM launched them at Sea Otter this year. Here's Bike Mag's review. PinkBike got their hands on them. That'll keep you busy and make your mouth water. Stronger than the Juicy brakes and lighter? I'll take it.

New caliper with less moving parts and seals, new lever with tool-free lever adjustment and pad contact. New lighter rotor. Even upgraded conical washers! Stainless! Woohoo!

PinkBike has lots of good pics of weights and the pad spacer with integrated bottle opener. Another coincidence, I planned on a few beverages while installing! Bonus!

Same bleed as the Juicy brakes. The pads are new with vented pistons... I'm just regurgitating the specs. I'm excited.

The Maguras that came on the 08 stump pro carbon are crap. They work until they don't. I had a few fade issues at the 100 on Sunday. At the end of a long day, that's the LAST thing you want to have to deal with. The only reason I know what brake fade feels like is because I have ridden Maguras a few times over the past years... Too light and not built for big boys. I know that Specialized knew that when they spec'd the brakes. It's a small price to pay for a rad bike.

$200 per wheel ain't crazy either. That's with carbon lever! Nice work SRAM. I may be technically sponsored by SRAM but only because I wouldn't run any other brakes... And lord knows their not checking up on me...


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