Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to the Future.

So, it's January so I guess it's time to post some Dec photos. We got a dog. Yes, a dog.

Full name: Foxy Brown Batgirl Klasmeier. She's a mutt and she's the fastest dog I've ever seen. She's been here almost a month and we've got her trained up pretty well. She walks on a leash really well and she spends a lot of time at the dog park with Susan. This one has some energy.

She's fitting in really well and having a good time. She's great with the kids. They seem really taken by her.

She's a hound-lab mix, we think. She's fit and we are going to keep her that way.

She ran away briefly this afternoon and we walked around to a neighbor's house to get her (she wasn't far) and when we got her back in the garage to hang out while we were out front, Jeremy walked up to her and said 'Foxy, don't run away again because I'll miss you and I'll be sad if you go away.' Pretty cute kid. Four is a great age, no doubt.

Here is a pic from Xmas eve before heading over to visit with my family. Pop-pop, Donna, Emma and Jeremy, all clean and ready to go out.

Susan decided to add some flair to the entry way so we got some letter-hooks for our stuff right by the front door. S, E, M, J and F for the family. This made Foxy an official member of the family.

We had an un-eventful holiday season. We saw some friends and family and Susan cooked a lot. She's trying to make the most of her time off. Besides getting the dog and learning to croche (sp?), she's been looking for a job. She's had some leads and she worked a few seasonal jobs in November/December. That girl just can't sit still.

On New Year's Eve day, we went hiking at Patapsco. Of course it was FREEZING out. We were all super-bundled up and it was blowing 30 knots and gusting to 50. Foxy got to run off-leash a bit and we all had a great time.

I'm still lacking a proper set of booties for the mtn bike and two pair of woolie socks didn't help my toes. It was one of those times when everyone hauled back to the car to warm up. Boy it felt good. After running around for an hour and a half, we earned our hot chocolate that day!

On our way out, I hit the skinny right there at Landing Rd and Morning Choice. Jeremy likes those too! We had a near-miss but everyone came away safe and sound (and I cleaned it, uphill). That kid loves him some danger...

Inauguration day is right around the corner and we've got our plans set for hitting the city and braving the weather and the crowds. Should be pretty sweet. We are excited although BO is going to have a tough go of it with all the crap that Bush has left him. Personal responsibility? Yeah, right.

Happy New Year!


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