Saturday, July 04, 2009

Patapsco Thru Trail Ride

I advertised to my DCMTB teammates a Patapsco Thru Ride yesterday. I had one taker. Seibold.

We actually had Young Buck and Santacroce rsvp but bailed at the last minute. Oh well. Their loss. After hearing from Santacroce at 8:10am, we got on the trail. Riding from Rockburn Branch, we rode on Morning Choice to Cascade, over the bridge, up Nun's Run and proceeded North to connect up to Oella and the trail to the Rte 40 bridge. Socks/shoes off (Seibold forgot socks) and the wet walk across the Patapsco River at the old dam. Railroad tracks to Daniels to the Thru Trail, McKeldin loop and back south.


It was a bit wet, we rode a bit fast, we only got lost once and we had AMAZING weather. It was July and I actually said 'Man, I could have worn a wooly. In July.' It was breezy, cool and wonderful. The trails down by the river (cue Chris Farley) were a bit steamy. The trails up on the ridges were much nicer.

We had a great day. There were a few wet spots and the crossings were pretty high. We did the ride in less than 8 hours (7:35) and only had one flat (me). We had a great time. I only checked the map once, I fell over into a small tree for a reason I cannot determine, Jonathan fell into a bush of nettles on the mill race right at the rock wall before the bridge. He was tired and bummed. He picked a piece of wood out of his heel this morning and I pulled one out of my leg from that tree that jumped out in front of me.

As usual, I got numerous Facebook notes and emails saying 'Man, I wish I could've made this one. I'll get on it next time for sure.' We'll see...

This is my 6th or 7th day with 50+ miles and third in three weeks. Is that good? Dunno. Giro di Coppi and 18hrs of Scout's honor coming up. Plus vacation. At least I'm taking the Summer off from school so that helps.

I think Seibold has some pics of the ride yesterday so I'll try to get those from him asap.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I Know It's Been Months But...

This is still too funny...

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