Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Adventure

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

I will be spending the next bunch of weekends traveling and working for the RockShox Ride Experience situation. There may be flaming guitars but no promises.

Starting next month, I'll be traveling from UT to NH, TX to FL and a lot of places in between, getting people excited about RockShox forks and rear shocks.

That is the new sled in its new wrap. Matte finish with a big three-point on the grill. Hells. Yes.

I'll be setting up at trail heads across the US, fitting forks and rear shocks onto bikes for people to test-ride. I'm not sure how much riding I'll be doing, but I'm pretty sure that you'll be hearing about it. The social media aspect of it includes Instagram (I don't know what that is yet), Twitter (I don't use it) and the Facebooks.
I could only do this with Susan's approval and support, obviously. She was excited that I could have the chance to do something like this but when she heard about the social media aspect of it, she got REALLY excited. She has told me that she will be running the social media aspect of me. I don't even know what that means. Rest assured, RockShox/SRAM has no idea what they have gotten themselves into. Before Susan is done, I'll be world famous (in the bike industry). She's on it.

I'm lucky enough to know a bunch of people in different cities around the US. I'll be able to visit with many of you and really look forward to catching up. Frank in San Antonio, Leland in FL, Chris in ATL, Mike in Pitt, Maggie in Denver... I also get to spend some time in Harrisonburg, Baltimore and WV with a lot of my local peeps. I'll be around most of June/July but August has me mostly in Colorado. I have a few weeks off in September and then out in ABQ, Utah (Moab, Salt Lake, St George) in late Sept, early Oct. Yes, you should come.

And then I will rest and make up for being gone so much this year.

I'm going to miss a lot of soccer games, but I have seen many. I'm going to miss a lot of hikes, but there will be time for many more. I'm going to miss a lot of nights at home with my wife, but I'll have a wife to come home to. It's bittersweet.

I'll miss the SM100 for the first time in many years. No Lodi, Greenbriar, Cranky Monkeys. I'm hoping DCCX is Oct 27-28 this year so I can be around. That would be my first weekend back after the gig is over. And it would be a sweet one.

So, I guess I'll be seeing you around.


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