Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bill Murray

I'm naming some new trail. I won't go into detail about where it is or when it will be done, but rest assured, Bill Murray is under construction. The entrance is open and complete: there's a nice paved run that rolls into a g-out for the entry then a fast, open left hander into the woods at max speed. There will be a 3 foot gap, 2 ft vert step-up and then a four foot gap to transition left-hander in the first 50 ft of trail. All contour, all narrow, all in the trees, all less than a mile from my house. I managed to get out there and eat lunch and do a little digging today.

I sat out in a rain storm. A big thunderstorm blew through today and I was too far from home to bolt so I just leaned against a tree and took in the view. It was beautiful. I had G Love rocking on the mp3 player and the thunder was LOUD. I watched the rain flit off of the leaves and the bike caught a few drops. It rained HARD. After about 15 minutes, it blew through and the steam rose from the pavement and it dried itself out. It was rad. I loves me some nature.

The total mileage will be around 1.5. I should be able to squeeze some contours for some nice natural side-hill doubles/grade reversals. If the first section is any indication of how I can lay out the rest of the trail, this one should be pretty fun. It's basically a singletrack pump track. Single direction although we'll see how it plays out. That first step-up would be pretty fun going the other way. We'll see if I can pull it off.

I'll let you all know when the first official diggin' day happens so you can get clued in. I'll make sure there are some sections to clean before asking for help. Oh yeah, and it's all legal!

I'll get out there and shoot some pics in the next few days. Check back.


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