Saturday, April 22, 2006

Demo Day Rundown

So, it went off, with a huge hitch... It was wet but the trails were great. If you like riding with a wet crotch, you REALLY missed a great event. The leaf litter and rain got everywhere and the bikes looked bad, but there was barely a spot of mud to be found. The roots were nice and slick.

We had about 50 people show up. It poured early and we all huddled under the tents. Rob from Jamis brought his new white (?) ez-up and the Cdale boys had two 20'x10' ez-ups. Roberts and Ted took care of us. Ted came through when I realized that I forgot grill hardware. Tongs and a spatula later... Way to go Ted. They were made of steel, however, which confused me... Scardaville and Tris showed up with another ez-up so we parked 'em all together and had a little party. The grill got fired up a little after 11 and the maiden voyage was tasty. Way to go Adam for the tag-team grill build.

The CB Team boys and girls really made the event, for me, anyway. HighEndBrian showed up early and hung strong with us until the end. Punga made it and Phillyboy drove the CB machine up.

DT was making cracks about my ass so, of course, he took a picture of it. So, for all of your viewing pleasure (or not, really). That DT is a funny guy. Funny like a rash. A rash on a singlespeed... A rash on a singlespeed with a blog and a sharp wit that I should probably be afraid of if he decides that he wants to start messing with me. Aw, screw it. He always needs a spare bike so BOW DOWN, DT!

Next up, we gots HighEndBrian and Rob (RVV) from Jamis. Both good dudes. You want to steal their bikes, though, so you KNOW they have to be cool or you'll pop 'em over the head and ride away. Brian is lovingly straddling his girlfriend, Demo8. You can tell it's a girl because of the pink headset.

Speaking of girls, here's HighEndBrian and Laura, one of our local die-hard ladies of mountain biking.

We've got a few bikes to point out in the harem picture... Down in front we've got Hillary's Prophet 4x bike that she raced last year and will continue on for 06. Moving back we have Moots Ybb #1 and then my Sworks Stump FSR Carbon bike. Then it goes Yeti 575, Stump FSR Expert, HEB's Carbon Stump FSR, Moots Cinco #1, Yeti 575 #2, Tris' cross bike (I think) and a Jamis XLT hanging up on the right. There were three Epics, some 'cross bikes, jeez, there were like 15 more... Oh, and by the way, Pooch was riding his Sworks Tricross on the loop that I did and was KICKING ASS on that bike! I tell ya, you'd be hard pressed to pass that kid out there on ANY bike unless you are just downright fast... like RickyD. All hail Pooch! And don't think he was dismounting the logs... oh no, not Pooch. That kid was manualing stuff on that bike.

Moots and Yeti seemed to be our most popular bikes. Nobody actually took Brian's Demo8 on a lap (can't blame 'em) but Adam (ATB) managed the 3' timber drop in the parking lot in flip flops on Time pedals.

Can you see Hillary's SDG faux(maybe) tiger skin seat? Oh yeah, nothing but the best. Do you actually need to wear shorts when you ride that thing? I'm just sayin'...

Finally, here's the view of the parking lot. Setting up where it ain't level is one of the least smart things that I forgot to correct from 2005. Oh well. I'll have to level that sucker next time I have a $100k burning a hole in my pocket.

And, for the record, that's Mr Scardaville in the foreground rocking the team colors, getting ready for a lap on the Cinco. Poor kid...

I'm thinking about a Fall event when the leaves are down and we can see some 2007 product. We'll have more flexibility on dates as well. Maybe we'll schedule something to conincide with a trail work day.

Ergonomics class for bike setup on Wednesday night in Chevy Chase. Or is it Monday. Damn, I'll have to check the MORE site. Yeah, I think it's Wednesday.


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Surly Rider said...

Had a great time. I think I am still wet. One carbon and one Ti squishy ride later, a trip to richmond and I still have a smile on my face. I have to get down to ride Schaffer again.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

can we request a few more pictures from the event?


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