Tuesday, March 28, 2006


New bike. It rocks. Maiden voyage tomorrow, I guess. Poor me.

Here's the new baby in front of the Enduro Pro (which I love).

So the whole 'quiver' thing works well to explain having a bunch of bikes but it just doesn't convey the real attachment that one has with one's bikes. A quiver kind of implies that you just pull one out (so to speak) and go for it. That ain't it.

I've got the harem...
I love each one differently. A different bike for a different mood. Left to right in this mug (pay attention), we've got the Sputnik fixie from Jamis. 2006 with flat bars, plastic pedals (nuthin' but the best) and still no brake. Bottom left, super-hard to see is Susan's Bontrager CX with a road 9spd setup with no seat. That's orange and black hiding out down there.

Santana Visa is the 'Tandem of Love' in red with the Ultegra 9spd tandem setup with Hadley hubs and bottom brackets. Fatty tires and Old Man Mountain rear rack. Family fun. Straight on is Susan's Trek 6700 or something. Stock. Whatever. The white roadie in there is a Bontrager Road Lite (yes, he made bikes, too!) with a 9spd Ultegra setup and Cane Creek wheels. Great steel fork on that sucker. Salsa steel stem... Finally, the right hanger is the Bontrager Race Lite mtb that I got in San Jose for $100, unridden. It's got some King, some XTR, 9spd with a Manitou SX fork in 1". Yeeha. That's the bike I really learned to ride mtn well on. I raced that bike quite a bit and I still like riding that thing (when I have to). On the ground on the bottom right are the stumpy carbon FSR 5" bike and the Enduro Pro snuck in behind it. You can almost see the Rocky Mountain Instinct frame sitting on the floor in there. Tough, I know.

How could I leave out the Phil? She gets her own picture. Ahh, I remember when I could make her go fast... Actually... I don't.

This picture only cuts out three more bikes that Susan and I have as well as a trailer. Make that two trailers.

I built the bike with some MORE guys hanging around and I don't think I took a breath for about 3 hours. Unlike me, I know. I only got one beer in me I was talking so damn much. I'm sure it was mostly useless babble but we'll do a brake bleed demo in a few weeks. Gluttons for punishment they are, eh?

I'm checking out a new fit system on Friday called Dialed In Motion. It's hip and should be something cool to at least flirt with. It's real-time video fit analysis which is the new cool thing, I think. We'll see how it goes and how far down we can push the price. Here's hoping.


At 7:42 AM, Blogger Surly Rider said...

I like the idea of a quiver. I jsut tell people that just like they have shoes for all types of events... I have bikes for all types of events...Now if I could only explain Why do I need three 'cross bikes when I have never raced cross in my life.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

what is your address?
when are you going on vacation again?


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