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A little late - race report

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McLane Pacific Report

New York, NY (March 9th, 2006)

3/6/06 McLane Pacific Cycling Classic (Pro 1) – Merced, CA

The team’s first NRC event of the season became a great learning experience for our young squad. We had hopes that the boys would “cut their teeth” in the big leagues with out too much trouble and that is what we did at last weekends McLane Pacific criterium and road race. Highlights of the weekend was David Wiswell’s attacking riding in the criterium where he towed the field around for 3 successive laps and Andy Guptill’s strong finish in the road race as first amateur in 23rd place.

On the downside we have several crashes in the criterium (Wiswell, Guy East 2X and Chris Kuhl), some punctures in the road race (Kuhl and East) and a mix up pining numbers on the wrong side of the jersey that has up to today robbed Andy of his top finish. Moving forward we believe the boys will regroup and have a great race at the Central Valley Classic this weekend in Fresno.

Note, David Wiswell is scratched from this weekend’s team, as he’s still not 100% after having the flu. Our roster for CVC is: Guptill, Kuhl, Hayes and East.

3/6/06 NYC Metro Racing Report (NY, NJ, CT)

Sakonnet riders Robbie Giannini and Stephan Badger had top finishes at last weekends Bethel Series in Connecticut. Giannini road the off the front in a breakaway for most of the afternoon as Badger and Louis Perez kept a lid on the peleton. Giannini finished in 4th Place and Badger snatched 8th Place.

Sakonnet riders Basil Moutsopoulos and Russell Kelly road the Tour of Lion in Newark, NJ last Saturday in freezing temperatures. Moutsopoulos finished a creditable 12th Place and “in the money” at his first event of the season.

3/6/06 Collegiate Review

Several Sakonnet riders have seen action in the last couple of weekends riding for their respective collegiate teams. A recap of results is as follows:

2/25/06 2nd Place DePauw Road Race – Jon Swain (Marian College)

2/26/06 1st Place DePauw Criterium – Jon Swain (Marian College)

3/4/06 1st Place Ohio State Road Race – Jon Swain (Marian College)

3/4/06 1st Place Rutgers Road Race – Michael Chauner (Bucknell College)

3/5/06 1st Place Rutgers Criterium – Michael Chauner (Bucknell College)

3/5/06 3rd Place Rutgers Criterium – Chris Ruhl (Penn State University)

3/9/06 Redlands Team Announced

With Lee Rosenthal recovering from a broken collarbone the squad will be subbing Robbie Giannini into the Redlands Bicycle Classic roster (3/24 to 3/26). At just 23 years of age and after an injury plagued 2005 Robbie is back on track and ready to go. Team management calls him our secret U25 weapon and lucky # 13 on the U25 squad. As one of the original riders on the U25 Team Robbie has seen action at both the Tour of Ireland (2004) and the Tour of Taiwan (2004). Now a “working stiff” for a hedge fund in CT Robbie is looking for the opportunity to supplement the U25 team at big events when needed.

Complete Roster:

Andy Guptill

Chris Kuhl

Johnny Hayes

Guy East

David Wiswell

Robbie Giannini

Team Manager: Bob/Bruce Weyman

For More Information Visit: www.skntcycling.com


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