Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunburn in March

Yup, it's possible. Even without going skiing, hitting the Bahamas or fake-baking. March in the Mid-Atlantic means 85 degrees, this year. Last week was solid 60s-70s through today. Busy at the shops, to be sure. People start getting crazy this time of year. I can only imagine what it's like after Winter in a place like MN or WI. Oof. You've really got to want that... you know who you are. It ain't me.

I have some pics I want to put up but it's getting late.

Word is there will be a local mountain opening up this Summer for a little DJ, freeride and 4X race action. Who will it be? You can bet City Bikes has already sewn up the inside line on that one. We'll be there as title sponsor with bikes to try, giveaway and buy. We'll have plenty of support (of all kinds) for the event. Look out June, here we come!


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