Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bikes and ?

Now this is what happens when you are a little TOO 'Specialize.'

'I was riding so fast, the 'D' ripped off!'

How about, 'We left off the last 'D' for 'savings!'

All bad, but this is a real bike at the shop. Specialize(d) offered to take it back but we thought we'd keep it. If it was a 58cm, it would be mine in a heartbeat.

We call it a limited edition. What else, right?

Now THIS is the perfect picture. I was snapping pics of Brian in the CC parking lot in the dark and it turned out all right. The loving gaze of a proud daddy on the first day of new bike-dom.


JoFo told me that he ran in to Punga when he got to Schaeffer then saw Joel on his new Sworks Stumpy and they all tooled around for a while. When JoFo was leaving, he saw this guy (see left) pulling up with that bike (see left). That's a City Bikes day if I've ever heard of it...

And finally, I thought that I would put up a pic of my favorite commuter bike. This is the one that REALLY tickled me. Andy told me that he wanted me to build my dream bike for him and damn if I didn't. He picked it up back in September and he's been loving it. How could you not?

She's a looker. I've sold a bunch of Moots bikes but I always thought the PsychoCross Ybb was the best all-around bike to have. If only Cane Creek made a disc-specific set of the Volos XL...

Keep an eye out for this one every day around Rockville and on the Capital Crescent. Good luck trying to catch Andy, though.

My carbon bike will be 'born' on Monday (tomorrow). Blaze and I are meeting at CC to ride down to see the cherry blossoms and he's going to do some business. So am I, but we'll split up before he rocks in to see the competition. Will Tuesday be the maiden voyage? I'm just not sure. I'll have to check my schedule... heh.


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