Monday, March 20, 2006

Site stuff and Yeti

Charlie has been spending a lot of time updating the site. We are CONSTANTLY updating the boring parts of the site (new models, correcting pricing, etc) but only get to add significant info every two years or so. The SOB even added some staff pics, including a fat me in a tux from two years ago at the WABA auction at the Finnish Embassy. Dana keeps her old picture up there, Adam looks stoned (better f'in not be, boy), Bega gets the tux treatment, big Shawn looks as friendly as ever... I think they took the cig out of Paul's mouth before the picture...

I spent a few minutes this afternoon getting some Yeti pics up (stolen from their site, of course). I'll have some pics from the shop bikes up soon. We should be seeing them in the coming weeks. I think I have one going out soon, which will help. They are also sponsoring some event I'm not supposed to talk about at some local mountain involving lots of gravity and some sort of deer. Aw, hell, it's June 23-25. There will be open mtn riding on Fri, Sat will be a SuperD race with the DH course open and Sunday will be DH race with SuperD course open. The whole weekend, racing or not, will run you $100. Best f'in deal around. Other sponsors include City Bikes (no sh*t, right?), Jamis (giving away four bikes), Cannondale, Serfas and more. Oh, and MORE, I meant. Straight from Racers Edge:

"The second event is slated to take place at Whitetail Mountain Resort, June 23-25. This will be a three-day event and is the first and only chance to ride at Whitetail in almost six years. The Capital Cup will consist of a “Dual” event as well as downhill. The downhill format will be unique in that we plan to race one course on Saturday afternoon and another course on Sunday afternoon. The champions will be determined by combined time. This format is not absolute and we would like to hear your input, please feel free to email us at"

So check it out.


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