Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hot Off the Presses

Have you seen the new XTR yet? It was released to the viewing public on April 1. A full pound lighter than 2006. Whoa. That's what I call a shifterbrakelever!

And this just in from my mole at Specialized: six (yes 6) new frames for 2007. I think we'll see a new Enduro as well. This year is pretty rad with 5.5", 6" and 6.5" bikes so let's see where the boys are taking us next year. I'm booked for their worldwide dealer event in Reno (gasp) in July. I'll send some pics for sure from that. There better be a shuttle to Tahoe, dammit. I'm not getting that close and not hitting up some Tahoe trail...


At 10:17 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

that trip sounds epic
need someone to carry your bags?


I think you are addicted to the blog
I should know
I have been hooked for years

it makes running into friends easier
I do not feel like I need to unload all my shit
I still have shit to unload
I do not have to unload all of my shit


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