Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The future is now!

Well, here you go. I'd like to thank Iran, Iraq, Detroit, freedom fighters in Nigeria and Texas...

Will we see more riders? Nope. People are already riding who will. The people who can't afford gas probably can barely afford a car and will take the bus. You ain't broke but have a few hundies to throw down for a bike. Maybe you roll to Target or WalMart or ToysRUs and rock something cheap that works but you don't roll to the local shop and buy a $300+ bike to commute on. Hell no.

If you can afford it, you CHOOSE to ride your bike to work with your $50+ lock and $1200 road bike (yup, people commute on those and WAY more expensive ones, see the $5600 Moots below). You can afford $3/gal for gas if you are paying the equivalent of $12/gal for your Starbuckers.

Of course the obvious double irony of the City Bikes sign below the high-ass gas prices is only as ironic as the big-ass City Bikes logo on the big-ass gas-guzzling bread truck with the 350 in it. 8mi/gal, just like a Hummer or an Explorer if you floor it off the line (or in beltway traffic).

Is this pessimistic enough? How about this? We got the 5" travel Moots Cinco bikes built yesterday for the demo day (see below) as well as a few Yeti 575 bikes. I am working on logistics for the event and I have a list of about 30 bikes that we are bringing out of stock. Not bad. There will most likely be about 75 bikes out there. That's rad. I'll try to shoot some pics if I get by the shop tomorrow. I have to go out and drop off flyers on cars (another great irony) for the Demo Day.

I threw the new shock in the Enduro tonite. Progressive fixed 'er all up. It was cool getting into that rear end on that bike (easy now). The self-adjusting bearings and spacers in that link is pretty cool. It's a bit odd to get it squared away, but it's far from impossible and is really solid. You can tell that the shock is not an integral part of the suspension. The front shock eyelet floats on a ball/socket bushing and the rear is fixed (with a little float built in, but no wiggle or wobble). The main shock eyelet bolt is big and aluminum and it fits well in the lower shock eyelet so there isn't some small thing to round or ovalize... like the stumpjumper fsr. We've had a half-dozen or so of those go bad so we stock 'em. It's only been on some of the big guys and bashers. They probably should be riding Enduros anyway, but I digress...

JoFo broke his collarbone without falling off the bike. Go check his blog and send along some good vibes. Here's wishing you well, babycakes.


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