Monday, September 24, 2007

Landahl Is In the Books

VERY tough, dramatic race. More later. Darren's pics. Joe's pics.

We were looking at the national points series standings and we are still first in points. If Bill and the boys (ringers!) get first in Moab, they will beat us. If they get second to tie us, it goes to elevation and miles. They'd have to do 22 laps at Moab (13m course!) in second place to beat us so we are looking pretty good.

There's NO DOUBT that Bill and the Athens Wrecking Crew team CAN win that race so we aren't out of the woods yet.

After the battle we had this weekend, I wish them the best of luck. Those guys are true competitors and are worthy of much respect. I would be proud to come in second to them in the series. I will be seriously conflicted if we win. Happy, but conflicted.

More stories and pictures later. There was a lot going on.


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