Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SM100 Wrap Up

Here are the results. Thanks again Chris.

After much confusion, I ended up rolling down to the race with Kent. We spent the night at his place in WV with Cargo Mike and Josh from Bike Lane. It was fun. Wow. That's me waking up in the tower at Kent's house.

We got over the hill and to the race in the early afternoon. After checking in with everyone, I had a few beers and hit the sack. The bike was ready, I felt ok and it was time. Ok, when I said the bike was ready, it was in as good condition as it was going to get. One of the bearings in the rocker link was TRASHED. I thought the wheel was loose but there was a small tick in the bike and now I know why. The bearing is supported pretty well by the rocker and the large-headed bolt that holds it in. I had no choice so it was time to run what I brung.

That's Kent on the Magic Mountain zip line at his place in WV.

I woke up, got dressed and did the final prep on the bike. I felt ok on the prologue climb and managed to middle-ring it. I only had to get off when the knuckleheads that blew up had to walk the singletrack climb. Come ON people! I was hollerin' a bit, trying to get people out of the way but nobody is interested in yielding that early in the race. 'Pedal fast uphill, why no pedal fast on rocks?'

At the top of Wolf Ridge, I was riding with Cargo Mike and hopped a little log and something went wrong. I ended up laying on my left side in front of Mike. Scratched up left hip, left elbow and a small bruise on my left knee. No blood? Weird. It ached all day.

I felt ok up to the top of climb #3 (top of Dowell's Draught) although I did end up walking a few sections, but not a lot. Again, traffic. I knew I was doing well if I was still in some traffic. I felt like ass, but I was still moving. I asked everyone on the side of the trail if they needed help but no one did UNTIL I was rocking Dowell's. I stopped, dude grabbed the pump he needed out of my pack and I sped off. It was the first time I would lend it out. I got it back when dude rolled into CP#3. Later, I lent it to a dude with a flat coming off of Chestnut and have yet to see it. Oh well. That's part of racing. I hope he enjoys it!

Pic on the right is our fearless leader, Chris Scott, getting ready to get ready. On the left is my pre-dawn Mexican Organization Blanket Mu-Mu. Katie just HAD to take this shot. I didn't get a flat so it must have been a good idea!

I passed Foley with a flat on the way to CP#4 and he rolled in a few minutes behind me. We both were feeling pretty lousy. We decided to quit 'racing' and ride together. We managed to help each other out a bit on the way up to the top of Chestnut and CP#5. It was a good thing we hooked up. It was hard getting out of CP#5. We rode with Larry Camp for a while up the hills but ended up putting some time in front of him as well. I rocked Chestnut and finished the race, riding a lot of it with a woman from CO. I finished the race strong, but it was flat...

There's nothing more surreal than coming through that last singletrack through the camp ground, knowing that there is exactly ZERO pedaling left. I couldn't wait to see Susan and the kids. She was there and I heard her yelling. I heard the kids and the totality of pain and fatigue just washes away. It was great to see them. There's nothing better. Even the finish line didn't feel as good as first Susan and then the kids came over to kiss me and tell me they love me. THAT'S the reason to do the race.

We packed up and I managed to keep my 'No Staying Sunday Night' streak alive. Ok, so I'm not actually TRYING to do that, but there it is.

10:52. Sub-11hrs feeling LOUSY! I had NONE of the power or strength I thought I might, but I was a little faster. That's why I'm always happy to just finish.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

good day for DCMTB!

we had a great team effort!

At 6:21 PM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

I think it is suspect that you and Kent are wearing the same shirt

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Big Daddy Mike said...

I was wearing a yellow Chris King shirt and Kent had on the orange 24hrs of Big Bear shirt.

Nice try, oh Huge One.


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