Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Want An Electric Car

I think. I mean, if I MUST have a car, it should be electric. Hell, I'd drive a golf cart to work if I could get one that could go 35mph...

Good news here at least. The future of the Hummer brand? Is that even a question?

I remember the Hummer backlash from a few years ago. Something like 'Real soldiers are dying in their Hummers so you can play soldier in yours' or something.

Obviously, if you google 'electric car' you'll see A TON of stuff out there. And don't forget the Automotive X Prize. I think the winner gets $10m so why don't they call it the 'Automotive $10m Prize'? I guess they are trying to teach algebra or something. 'Solve for x.'

Whatever. I'm still riding my bike to work as much as I can. I hate mountain biking. I had to DRIVE to work today so I could RIDE MY BIKE on the dirt after work. I was totally thinking of how to ride my bike to work, ride home then drive to Patapsco but it just doesn't make any sense.

My commute (in case you care) involves me riding the road bike (.7m) with the trailer on it to drop Jeremy off at daycare, leaving the trailer there then riding to work. Usually on the way home, I have enough time to go home, change and pick up the Bontrager to get the boy. I'm not sure how that Burley rear triangle clamp is going to work on carbon in the long-run so consider this a test!


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