Sunday, June 04, 2006

So I says 'hey, llama, how about something, you know, for the effort!'

I spent some time with Bill Murray today. He's so sweet... Here's the entrance that scared Crawdad.

I have a mcleod stashed out there so I can just cruise over there. In lieu of driving down to the HooHa!, I stuck around with the fam today but managed to find an hour to head over and dig a little. Next weekend is Big Bear so I'll be away a lot... Discretion is the better part of valor. Plus, I pulled something in my back yesterday and couldn't breathe for about 2 minutes, which was fun.

This first pic is from the top of a 6-7 ft embankment after you roll down a big hill. You are cooking right here at around 26mph then you drop right the hell into the dark shadows of doom!

This next pic is from the bottom, just inside the trees. The leaves on the ground make it a little hard to see, but the trail carves up around to the left. You scrub a lot of speed pretty quickly as the ground is still soft at the bottom. I didn't want to do any digging down there as I don't want anybody to find it just yet. It's still a little soon. As a reminder, this IS legal trail but I don't want anybody taking matters into their own hands. As soon as the surface gets a little harder, it will be a lot faster and you will scrub little, if any speed down there. Right now, the part just above this is ALL clay so it packs really well and makes an instant superhighway. As soon as you hit this little wall and start heading left, you get to the first little hipper at the top of the left-hander. I smoothed out the grade so the transition is a little more natural so it already holds more speed than it did last week. I managed to get about 10 linear feet of full-bench work done in an hour today, so that's good. Again, there's so much clay in the soil that as soon as you get past the organic stuff, the construction goes quickly.

Final picture is a self-portrait with the upper section and hipper. The trail drops off to the left at that high spot so you won't see it from this angle. I have more grade work to do off the backside but you will get a little boost in the current condition as long as you hold speed.

More to come. I don't have much time this week as I have a lot of work to do plus prep for Big Bear. I'd like to be able to ride once or twice this week before the event but I don't think it's in the cards.

I'll work on my funny faces, too.


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