Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Bday to Me!

32. Whoa. Never thought I would make it here. And I never thought I would make it out of the woods yesterday with Punga. We did a little co-birthday ride yesterday (his birthday is a week before mine) and since I was away last weekend, we got together for a rare bike ride out in Fredneck. We rode out into the 'shed and had a good time. Of course, we had mechanicals, flats and I was late getting home to see the fam. Oh well, it was fun. I felt great on the bike when I was rollin' but the slow-speed stuff was a little off for me. I was climbing just fine but for some reason, the flat/slow stuff wasn't happenin'. I was really working for it.

I never thought that I would be spending so much time with these two little ones. Here's Jrock at SportsFest at VE in Warminster. This is Emma on the bike on The Big Day as we cruised around the 'hood. And finally, Jeremy and Emma, running towards the street, just as daddy told 'em to do! Heh.

Oh well. JJ came over and made spearfish on the grill which went really well with some couscous (a food so nice they named it twice) that Susan made. I made my own birthday cake ('perfect chocolate' from the back of the Hershey's cocoa can) and we used some leftover frozen orange/chocolate frosting from a previous cake that Susan had made. She also whipped up some mango, lime, jalapeno, onion salsa for the fish (which went really well with the couscous). Oof, just a good meal. A few bottles of wine and a six-pack later and it was an official good birthday.

Saturday night, after Madeline's 2nd birthday party, Susan took me to see Jon Stewart at Merriweather. Damn, he's funny. Ask me about the pinata joke. He waxed about the political situation in the US, the war on terror (favorite shirt ever: I love T.W.A.T.: The War Against Terror) and then slid into normal funny stuff. It was really cool seeing him there and it was a beautiful night. I'm a big Daily Show fan even though I don't ever really get to see it unless we download it. We haven't had cable or TV reception since we moved in back in 2002. We have a DVD player so we can NetFlix stuff or I just download stuff. Pretty much everything you could ever want to see is available these days. I'm amazed that more people don't just do that. It's nice to not have a bunch of discs and stuff laying around. I just have a 250G hard drive and keep stuff that I like. It's great for kid's movies, too. I can play it on the 'puter downstairs or when we are away, if the need arises.

Pics up.


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