Saturday, February 24, 2007

Enduro SL Pics FINALLY!

I kept forgetting to take my camera to the shop. I got a few pics of the Sworks Enduro SL rolling chassis that we have in stock. Red gloss over carbon color. Hot. Note the front derailleur mount. I also got a semi-blurry shot of the fork. Big fork.

The rolling chassis includes front der, wheels, tubes, tires, fork, stem, seatpost, collar... am I forgetting something? Because they are using the 25mm thru axle up front, they include the wheelset. The rear wheel is a DT 240 hub and the front is some Specialized logo'ed jobby. Probably a taiwanese sealed bearing unit but I'll look into it.

You can clearly see the alternate shock mount in front of the lower shock eyelet bolt in this pic. Steep or slack, you make the call. Sexy little rocker link as well.

On the left, we have the Future Shock E150sl with direct mount stem. There are a few different options for length and rise, but they are all 31.8mm clamps. Right away you can see the huge diameter of the fork legs. Mr McAndrews is responsible for this design. He started with Specialized a long time ago, bopped around to Fox to get their entire fork program running then did some work for the mavericks at Maverick then got hired by Trek. As soon as Mike Sinyard heard that McAndrews would be working for his main rival, Mike made a play and kept McAndrews in sunny California and brought him back to Specialized. The circle now complete, we have his first project, the systems-designed Enduro SL. Thank you sir, may I have another... indeed...

Behind to the right of that photo on the left is the Enduro SL Expert. That bike is right in at 30lbs. 6" of super-fun travel at 30lbs. Gotta love it. The carbon bike will build up around 27lbs if you aim light.

These bikes were delayed a few months and we are preparing for issues so that it won't bug anyone. We'll see how they fly off the floor when the weather turns more nicer... Rumor has it that we won't see any more of these bikes until June or July and they will be 08 models. No word on what the improvements will be but I'll poke around to see what I can find out. I don't imagine there will be many external improvements, but maybe some revalving of the shock and fork. Who knows.

These are on the showroom floor and are looking for good homes. Stop by the Chevy Chase shop and check 'em out. I think I'll bring one to the MORE party tonite... That'll get 'em drooling.

That's a purty red, ain't it. If I had a few grand laying around...


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