Sunday, July 08, 2007

Patapsco Skills Area Petition

I'm going to be bugging everyone in the world about this shortly.

I want to try to drum up some support for a legal, responsible, well-designed, fun to ride, natural surface replacement for Lewis and Clarke. I've written stuff on this blog about the ongoing situation at Patapsco regarding those jumps and skinnies and this is the next step. It's the reason I'm up so damn late posting. I should be asleep.

Please send this link along to your friends who ride and those who don't. I think there are some real problems in the DNR regarding the disconnect between the public and the bureaucracy as well as between the staff at the park and the Resource Planning staff in Annapolis. I've been stuck in the middle of it with MORE and Jeff and Eric for the last few years and it stinks. There are a few great people, but things aren't working right.

Please send me email if you have questions or post comments if you have questions.

Here's hoping this democracy stuff works...


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