Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Begin again

I have been a Batman fan for a long time. When Michael Keaton took the time to do a good job with the role in the first modern remake of the old Wham! Bam! character, there was a lot for me to identify with. And it was just a damn good movie. That Jack Nicholson guy is gonna be big, you watch. Anyway, I got me some Netflix and I just watched the new Batman Begins movie. As Apu would say, 'Holey Cow.' Damn, it was good. I'm not a critic: I like what I like. This director needs to go again. I wish I could see his next Batman film RIGHT F'ING NOW!

Woof. Fun to watch. Nothing like the Morgan Freeman helping the white man out role coupled with my favorite Madness song guy (Michael Caine) playing Alfred. Oh, and a nice brunette hottie for the '13'ers' in PG13. The 'having fun' sequence where he rolls into the hotel with two models in the front seat of his Ferrari or whatever and then they get in the waterfountain is pretty funny.

Oh, shouts to JoFo for turning me onto this madness across the pond. 500km for $600 in Wales including 'non-timed riding transfers' from campground to campground? Ho lee sheet. I'm down. Night-time time trial? F yeah. He's getting us a spot and figuring out how to pay them in foreign money. It's about 2 weeks before the SM100 so it will either be great training or a great way to blow off the race and just volunteer.

Emma's now into eating sloppy joes. Age 4. Not bad. Jeremy is happy with corned beef hash. I know, I can't believe that I eat it too...

Pictures soon, I promise. They'll be mostly of bikes and the kids but whatever.


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