Monday, December 19, 2005

SupaSized Fixie Mtn Monkey

After spending a few late nights getting the network up at the new shop, I took a night off and watched SuperSizeMe. Funny and scary. My continuing trip down the biased documentary freeway will prevent me from eating at that golden-hued temple of crap. Like I needed another reason.

I'd really like to see the dude do a movie about what would happen if he rode his bike everywhere he went for a month. Talk about a great statement. I'm no rocket surgeon but I really didn't need to watch SuperSizeMe to know that fast food is bad for you. It would be nice to see someone go on about how GOOD something is for you.

Now if you want 'fast food' that totally f'in rocks, you'll make your way over to Ann's Dairy Cream, so good they don't even have a website (this link is for the mall BEHIND this amazing eatery). Deep fried footlong hotdogs with chili, raw onions and mustard on an amazing roll with real french fries and a banana milkshake. Ho. Lee. Crap. Stop on by if you are ever between Baltimore and Annapolis.

Speaking of Ho, I just got a new fixie from Jamis. It's their first (that I know of) and it's 631 frame with ec70 fork so it's heavy enough and rides nice enough. Sputnik. It's not a russian company but the Cold War is over so we're going with it. Wife got one too. Hers is the one with the drops still on it. Yeah, mine's got a flattie up front. I couldn't find a 25.4c riser bar that I liked so I'm rocking the flat bar. XC style. With negative rise stem. I learned how to skid that sucker but with no brakes and the commute I've got, somethings going to break and I'll put bollocks to barndoors that it's going to hurt. And not the wallet...

With IMBA giving VA the big thumbs up for mtn biking, I imagine that there will be a great Santa Cruz to Harrisonburg migration. I don't know if there is enough weed down there for that but I know there is enough trail. Chris Scott and the boys deserve a lot of credit I think.

Oh hell, I forgot the tree excursion. Emma and I rode the single over to the gas station where they were selling trees for Xmas. We rolled up and she jumped out of the trailer in front of this family and their pimpin' Hummer. The woman asked if she could get in Emma's trailer and Emma invited her in. They were impressed with the high style ride. Emma picked out a tree and I plopped that sucker into the Burley and away we went. Dude who wrapped up the tree says, 'Where do you want it?' I says, 'Just hand it over, I've got it.' He gives me a funny look, I through it in the trailer, Emma hops onto the handlebars and I pedal the one'er into the woods.

She's got a pretty damn cool dad...

Yeah, that's her getting her advent chocolate WITHOUT dad's help.


At 6:34 AM, Blogger riderx said...

Re: riding the bike for a month - Slate just recently had an article with this theme. Not the best article, the guy seemed to be a bit of a tool, but interesting still.


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